Neuro Color design: An Incredibly Easy Method That Works For All

Neuro Color Design is the method about colors’ psychological effect of how you want your customer to perceive your brand!

You can applied this when:

1. Photoshoot

2. Overall brand development like: packaging (To me packaging is everything, not because the theory or anything, all it’s about is the art works I appreciated lol), store decoration, Social medias etc.

Factors that count as the meaning of person subconscious color perception are 4 of these.

Child hood experience 









With these 3 words, hue, chroma, and value, psychologist can tell you specifically what color in what shade, what brightness, lightness mean what, for average world population. So enjoy.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 23.04.41


Decreases Perceive loading time means makes people think more, contradict to the right side.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 23.05.00

Type of product.. for its function or entertain.


Intended goal: what you want them to do?

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.59.07

Auction VS Negociation

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 23.05.27

Brand traits: main five traits.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.52.05

More in detail for Competence type.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.50.39

Excitement no-means adventure, it means something more exciting 🙂

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.54.10

We man-man here.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.54.56

Peace and Tranquility are different

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.56.25

We are not ending yet.

Screen Shot 2561-01-07 at 22.57.31

Ok. Now we are done for brand trait. It’s time to choose. Tick as much as you want your brand to be. Then pick the highest one and stick to it.

Screen Shot 2561-01-08 at 13.19.58

Me and my friend are planning to create a free color chooser for you guys to use it, and  in the software would provide automatic Market Basket analysis and another stats too, I’ll put it somewhere on this website. However, I’m considering whether I gonna let every one use for 3 bucks or just open it to everyone for free and receive some donation 😉 because I want to give a chance for every stage of product and every budget of entrepreneur to have access to nice software so that they can have fun with the product they create at no risk. Well, I’ll be working on that, basically just to make sure everyone everywhere can afford this things with 3 bucks.

Thank you so much for every of your support. Have a nice day!

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