Simple Guidance For You In GDN part 1

Google Display Network has been one of my frequently used tools for online advertising, you can find this function easily in Google Adwords by going to Select Campaign and choose Display Network Only. There are so many features to explore but today we will walk you through simple practices that I normally do for any websites.

  1. The first thing that everybody should do even you are not running any advertising campaign is to add Adwords remarketing tag on your site. I recommend you to add it anyway because it’s give you a basket of useful data for your later remarketing campaign and it’s free. There are 2 ways to get remarketing list for Adwords, you can either put Adwords tags on every single page of your site or you can do it easier with Google tag manager where all you need to do is put in the ID and the Label.

2. Sizes to run fine on mobile is 320*50 pixels. On any website there are 3 sizes that fit of all dynamic image ads and rich media&video as the following:

728*90 = Leader Board (top, middle, bottom of the page)

300*250 = Inline Rectangle (top, side, bottom of the page)

160*600 = White Sky Scrapper (left, right side of the page)

Note: By the use of text and image in display network collect 40% more conversion than advertisers only using image ads. However, with simple opt-in you have ability to engage with these users across devices which is good according to the fact that 40% of the time that users are online is spent on mobile devices.

Google supply side for advertising is huge, it can reach 90% of internet users worldwide, whether it is news pages and blogs, google websites like Youtube or Gmail and more than 2 million popular sites.

3. Use the Lightbox ads and video true view ads to have the advantages of sight, sound, and motion. For Skip ad you’re only charged when a user has seen 30 seconds or the end of the ad, which ever come first and for Lightbox, it’s a little bit more fancy because there are many templates for you to choose based on the content you want to promote, plus you can choose to pay for engagement or for every thousand impressions that you receive.

The Lightbox templates include:

-Multiple VDOs

-VDO and Image gallery

-Image gallery only(up to 10 images and swipe-able)

-VDO and maps (for this feature you will need to contact Google representative)

-VDO, images, and maps (for this feature you will need to contact Google representative)

You basically will need to

First – Upload you logo in png, peg, gifs in 50*50 pixels and put in logo destination url (UTM recommended)

Second – Choose your style guidelines(theme, accent colour, background colour, gradient intensity),

Third – Add header message (30 characters per line), use at least 2 lines of unique text and each line should be a separate phrase. I recommend you preview the text on various placement sizes, then you can add Header call to action button text and URL (click tracker of course)

Finally – Add display URL, LDP, and Ad name. Note that display URL will not be shown in the ad and match the domain of the logo and call to action button with destination URL. Preview and Save. So now you know the ingredients, have it prepared! You may need to make sure that the style guidelines you pick match your customer company CI. Only pay when people tap or hover to expand.

I think I’m done with GDN blogging for today. In part two we will talk about how to apply GDN with your marketing goals either it’s awareness, consideration, or purchase and brand loyalty, then we will take a look at 3 different targeting view include user intent, advertiser choice, and automation.

If you have questions, please leave it in the comment below 🙂



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