5 Ways To Use Facebook Ads manager To Your Advantage

The following is the techniques that I use to optimise my past several Facebook advertising campaigns. The main reason I chose to do the specific things was to serve the purpose that we want to ‘Optimise for Conversion’ or in another word – company profits and appearance.

From my experience ‘impression’ is pointless in term of campaign’s key measurement (if you know how sucks impression is in term of measurement, you can go to the next paragraph), nobody argues this, but if you want to, then you’d rather be prepared for wasted marketing budget. The reason I have to point this out because.. really! for those of you who are marketing but you never runs and looks at your facebook campaign more  than six months, please beware when someone you hire give you the impression of your campaign. For those of you who are entrepreneurs please remember that you have to focus on either awareness, consideration, and conversion. I think the ‘impression’ mistaken gonna need another episode, if there’s another possibilities that I see the benefit of writing it in the future. Now please trust me ‘impression’ shouldn’t be one of your focus.

So? What measurement should be using for awareness? ..It’s ‘reach’

But let’s stick with the topic! and begins 5 Ways To Use Facebook Ads manager To Your Advantage. (Thanks to my ex workmates who introduced me this! I love her a lot as she’s kind 😉 lol)

If you follow this you will have any result you want, the first 4 don’t even require any knowledge of advance tool like GTM (sure I’ll have it covered one day soon :))

  1. Sorry I have to start with the thing to do when your campaign stuck and starts to not generate any conversion. We can fix that by exclude generated custom leads (your already acquired leads) and the users who engage with your post or ad within the time running the campaign out of your expanded lookalike audience for any campaign runs more than two weeks. For what?! The answer is to decrease frequency and error. (if you don’t understand this, it’s okay and it is nerd.)

2. Duplicate ads to make multiple testing. You can test like 7-8 header text or a bunch of captions and see which one is the best by duplicate ads, but if you want to test the audience, the location just duplicate adsets (smarter way to test the location is to run it all but by limited budget for an amount of time, don’t get silly and create multiple adsets just to test the reach in New York and Florida ) . More important than the right audience is the right content. I suggest you test the content if you want to try ‘testing’ and are finding the purpose of it.

3. Next, the key indicator that are the most efficient ways to optimise which campaign should stay and which campaign should reduce some budget and which one to turn off that I strongly believe are

Cost per Messaging reply/ cost per new messaging/cost per conversation/cost per post comment/cost per website registration completed(pixel on site)/cost per reach/cost per post share/ cost per check-ins.. etc.

You can customised and add the columns or the indicators you like by clicking ‘customised column’ at the top right of the table.

4. And to do that you need to tweak the table a little bit more by date comparison function. Your campaigns run differently when time goes by so check it out! Turn the compare button on and you’ll see. So you can now decide to increase or decrease budget!

5. Install Facebook Pixel with GTM, create several custom event tracking to track user journey, you will need Facebook Pixel Helper and Simple knowledge of GTM which I will write about it later. Then you can use Facebook Analytics to check the amount of event fire, also, Facebook pixel will help you collect the remarketing audience lists for any specific event that happen. then you can retargeting by exclude the remarketing list of the people who completed the purchase or the any stage of specific user journey experience, message, or offer that you don’t want people in the previous journey to see out of the target audience in your campaign.

I hope you find this helpful, please let me know if you like it, or hate it, why? or if you have any question please ask me in the comment below.

See you soon in the next topic!

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